Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Contents of My Purse

I had the pleasure of writing about airport security for a magazine recently, and in it I said that the most exciting things in my purse were an epi-pen and pepper spray. This morning I burrowed through my purse in search of something and decided I may have been underestimating my satchel. The highlights include:
One six inch rubber gecko
Three tampons
One toy catalogue
Two partially eaten candy canes
Our youngest son's inoculation records
Our oldest son's inoculation records
Pepper spray
An ashtma inhaler
One blue duplo
One sparkly orange rubber toy designed to flip dramatically
One shoddy pedometer
A CD of children's music I was handed in a restaurant by a stranger at the next table
A packet of peanut butter crackers
Four grocery lists
One catalogue for The Land of Nod
One clutch purse, faux crocodile, green
An eight inch oversized pen our son uses as a sword
Two toy soldiers (army men)
One Hamtaro gameboy game
One green plastic mermaid
One writing notebook
20 copies of my pet portrait postcard
One book on walking yourself thin
A cell phone

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