Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stranded on the SkyBridge

After arriving at the First Unitarian Church this morning half an hour after the office opens and there is someone available to let me in, and half an hour after my paid and patient babysitter arrived to care actively for the four year-old, allowing me some time to complete the mural I have pledged to complete by June in the toddler room at church, I lost another 25 minutes.

Stranded on the skybridge.

The church is in full swing on construction, so much of the adjoining building (that includes the toddler room soon sporting a mural of agrarian animals) is shrouded in plastic and construction debris. After being let into the office I went on my merry way, expecting entry into the adjoining building as usual. And let the door swing closed behind me once I'd stepped onto the skybridge. Only to find the door locked to the adjoining building. And that door locked behind me.

I rapped, I knocked, I pounded at either door. I wait and repeated all of the prior actions. I couldn't believe that neither office workers or construction workers were deaf to my knocks. Then I remembered my cell phone, called 411, got connected to the church number and called the church office and was rescued.

I was sure that I would abandon all efforts, so shaken was I by being stranded in the chilly morning air between two buildings, wondering if anyone would ever come. But I went on and painted two chickens, a duck, most of a calf and three-quarters of a goat. Pretty good for two hours of painting. If only I could pull an all nighter and get it done!

Maybe Saturday...

On the laptop: the latest Amazon ranking for The Brides of March

On the easel: no one!

On the art desk: Art School, A Complete Painters Course, to use with our daughter

On the nightstand: The Balanced Mom

On CD: The ABC Murders and March, a fascinating fictional (yet based on a true person) story of the father's perspective during Little Women, exceedingly interesting from a Unitarian Universalist point of view, and as a one time vegetarian

On my mind: Beginning new writing work, the book birthing party, school ending, carpooling complete for the year, getting enough time to complete the mural before June...

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