Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Blogger, Bad

Don't know quite what happened, but I seem to have stopped blogging for a week. Nothing to say? Never! Nothing happening? Come on, cute Easter morning activities if nothing else (at what other home does the Easter bunny bring The Zombie Survival Guide?). Last night the kids dissected squid; surely that rates a couple of paragraphs?!

Not this morning. My brain seems to be fuming on three things: 1) must finish portrait of Maltese and Weimaraner, 2) must do guest blog for Author ! Author! on suble censorship in the course of publishing my book (and bless you Anne Mini for the opportunity to talk about that), and 3) must begin rewrite of my novel again or I am going to explode.

With that in mind, instead of rambling on about various subjects, in the name of shameless self-promotion, I will let you know about some appearances and published pieces I'd love you to check out:

1) Stumptown Comics Festival this weekend at the Lloyd Center Doubletree. Celebrity comic gurus galore. Be ahead of the curve and visit Evan Nichols, creator of Ask Dr. Eldritch, the webcomic. Spit out your coffee funny, no joke!
2) My guest post on Author! Author! which will appear May 1st, talking about the path to publication of my same-sex marriage memoir, and will be among many guest authors talking about subtle censorship. Note to writers: Anne Mini's blog is an astounding how-to about everything a writer needs to know. Read it, study it, believe it.
3) The Best of QLiterati on June 10th, 7-10pm--woo hoo, I get to read then! I plan to read something from my contributions to Curve, so expect to laugh until you pee, or perhaps scratch your head in consternation. At Q Center.
4) TIME OUT: The Mother of All Comedy Shows on June 11th at Airplay Cafe--that evening's theme is about "I was a high school..." fill in the blank. My piece is about the difference between playing "Rock Band" in the basement now, and back in my day...
5) In case you missed it, pick up the April 2009 issue of Curve (you know, the one with Katy Perry on the cover) and flip to page 44 for my comic take on gender bias in Toyland. Pink Legos? Good grief, Charlie Brown!

More soon.

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