Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Yesterday, on a whirlwind trip to Barnes & Noble to look for a copy of Your Spirited Child and one of April Henry's mysteries, I saw No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty on a table. It was a sign, I was sure, because I'm looking for signs that attempting to write a novel in a month is the right thing to do this November.
National Novel Writing Month is really my kind of thing, but isn't really designed for my kind of life. It is for the industrious, the inspired, the desperate to put words to paper, all of which describes me. I've even written novels in three days, during my youth, when there was no spouse to deter me, no children to care for and no pets with high needs.
It is over twenty years since I bashed out a novel in a hurry, maybe I want to know if I have the chops? Maybe I just want to fit in that mystery novel that's been percolating for years? Maybe I want to become part of something that makes the Must List in Entertainment Weekly and is participated in by surprising people, from all walks of life.
To Nano involves clearing the decks in a way that seems intimidating in every way. It would mean working like a dog the next two weeks, and then working like a dog all November, while not bagging on my motherly duties, birthday parties, Thanksgiving at the in-laws and life.
But then again, Chris Baty, the founder of Nanowrimo says the people who do best at this novel in a month business are busy people, who don't fool around, spend their time wisely and simply go for it with every spare moment.
I'd like to be one of those people, I think.
It is still a question.

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