Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm Not Sure Who Was More Excited

OK, I was.
There it was, just behind a glass case, the actual R2D2 that appeared in Star Wars, with C3PO by his side. The little man and I finally made our way to OMSI today (his first ever), and saw the Star Wars exhibit. It was frightening for our imaginative three year old, who backed away rapidly from Chewbacca's costume, and wouldn't even glance at the snow monster from The Empire Strikes Back. He bounced from exhibit to exhibit, just as excited about any robots he saw (he is waaaay into robots), than Han Solo's blaster, which was a highlight for me.

Our son did well in the crowd, shared toys when reminded, sat through most of an animatronic skit about robots with an animatronic CsPO (his highlight of the day), and then completely lost it as soon as he regained the safety of his home. He'll sleep well tonight.

Today I wrote about attachment parenting, and cracked myself up, thinking of all the lengths I've gone to to carry children during everyday activities. For years my biceps were golden. They are there still, but partially buried in middle-aged arms. My new diversion tactic is to offer to carry our young one whenever he's losing it. So far, so good. And (he's 38 lbs) it will be good weight-bearing exercise.

Looking forward to the weekend.

On the easel: Blue and Azul
On the laptop: How to tell your daughter about the pain of childbirth
On the nightstand: Your Spirited Child
Under the art table: a preschool-sized sanctuary with a pillow and a litebrite
On tape: The China Governess by Margery Allingham
On my mind: the 40 labradoodles and goldendoodles released to the Humane Society by an overwhelmed breeder, from 3 day old puppies to adult dogs, work/life balance, our daughter's A++ test score in science, taking down the Halloween decorations and hanging the seasonal fall leaf wreath, lounging on the couch with a good movie or book once the little man has gone to bed.

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