Saturday, December 09, 2006

da Vinci MS Arts Fair Today

Today I will be womaning my spouse and my display at the da Vinci Arts MS Arts Fair from 10am to 4pm. Yesterday was the kick-off, and Anna and I spent hours there, she buying, me sighing, as I didn't know what to do with myself, just standing there.

Then I got a drawing from the car to work on. This made all the difference. My last two hours flew by as I worked on a portrait of Azul the Great Dane in oil pastel. This morning I will swing by Columbia Art to purchase additional sticks of oil pastel before going for my spell at the Fair, and plan on spending a glorious six hours working on the portrait. When I have something to do, I am less stressed, more relaxed, and more approachable.

The kids enjoyed the dog and rabbit portraits the most, and several pulled reluctant parents over to view. A few dog people actually stopped to chat about their own furry people, which was nice.

See you at da Vinci? On NE Everett Street between 24th and 26th.

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