Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's Raining It's Pouring...

And I can't wait to get light therapy into the household.
The gray skies are getting to us all. Graeme keeps thinking it's bedtime all day, because the sky is so dark. He thought today that we were at our friends' cabin on Mt. Hood, because the sun was so dim behind clouds.
I hear it can do miracles. Miracles would be good. If I see another day of rain I may start weeping over my morning coffee; make that mourning coffee. I see a trip to Fred Meyer in my future--they have full spectrum daylight bulbs there, don't they?

On the laptop: Humor article on lesbians and airport security
On the easel: Azul and an equine beauty
On the art table: new brochures for the pet portraits
On the nightstand: At Bertram's Hotel
On tape: Death of a Macho Man
On my mind: Last minute Christmas shopping, going to Seattle soon, friends arriving suddenly, wellbutrin, dark chocolate (why don't we have any?), making progress on my projects

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