Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Spouse is Away

And yet I haven't moved any furniture or yanked anyone out of school. Yet.
But I am sick, so I'm not completely breaking with tradition.
This is, I think, the last travel she'll be doing this month, and I am looking forward to a regularly appearing co-parent, though her work schedule is heavy until late Thursday, when I am told she will become available for the weekend. I hope to be well by then, and have regained my sense of smell and humor. Growl. To be fair, she is working and traveling like this, with the same cold. So my sympathies are with her in Arizona.
It is early and no one has awoken. The baby monitor is buzzing with the sound of air purifiers keeping dust mites at bay. I've turned the Christmas lights on, had a cup of coffee with eggnog, and hope to begin a day with joys, as well as toil.
Wish me luck.

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