Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Clean-up Continues

The post-holiday clean up is well under way here. I've tossed the tree, packed the ornaments, vacuumed two of our three levels and cleared half the decks. I enjoy this process, and see it as a positive effort to move into the new year. I try to think positively about ambitions, goals and projects while clearing the clutter from a month-long holiday extravaganza.

Still haven't made Amazon returns, but I'll get to that.

Latest up on Same-sex marriage--a move to ban it in Massachusetts is heading toward that state's ballot. How crazy is that? Fifty years from now, Americans will be ashamed that there was such a debate about the desire of gay citizens to marry, settle down and be responsible adults. The continual damage done to gay and lesbians by these legal smacks in the face to our dignity and worth as human beings has scarred me these last few years, and from the moment I decided I could dare to be out back in 1983. I am tired of it. For myself and countless others.

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