Thursday, January 04, 2007

Looking Forward to Playing with my Toys

I received my order from Daniel Smith art supplies last night, and there is hope that I will be able to experiement with them tonight. It is incredibly exciting. Art supplies intoxicate me, and not only because half of them are poisonous. I had three hours of productive writing/posting time today thanks to Lianna, and can enjoy painting dogs guilt free tonight.

I am moving closer to beginning my mystery. I have How to Write a Damn Good Mystery on my desk, along with Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel (and I already owned You Can Write a Mystery). I have actually written two dreadful mysteries, long ago. I hope to write a damn good one soon.

On the laptop: How to Survive the Cold and Flu Season
On the easel: Azul in oil pastel
On the art table: Faber-Castell graphite sketch set
On my desk: How to Write a Damn Good Mystery, The Palmistry Workbook, the Mythic Tarot, Best in Show--the Dog in Art from the Renaissance to Today
On the nightstand: At Bertram's Hotel
On tape: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
On my mind: A sunny winter day, yummy soup, work time tonight, our daughter's birthday approaching, de-Christmasing the living room, pineapple, scrambled eggs on cabbatta bread.

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