Monday, February 05, 2007


Wife left yesterday, so teenager sick today. And so it goes. Hoping to avoid emergency room visits but no guarantees.
Novel has progressed not at all. Thought of throwing in the towel yesterday, then pulled back from the brink of creative despair, reminded myself that The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood wasn't built in a day, and tidied the house. Hope to work on the plot outline today for awhile--if I get that GOOD, that is a great start.
Started writing eHow to Get Up an Hour Earlier, but preschooler woke up wimpering at 6:15, so my "write from 530 to 700 plan was aborted for today. Ironic.
Reading My Four-Year-Old, Wild and Wonderful by Louise Bates Ames. So nice to read a book about "normal" children that describes our handful, who is currently playing with the game pieces of a gorilla game and playing a computer game involving Lego animals. Oh, and chatting to himself and eating Cheerios. He has multitasking down.
Ordering an art book today, and Superman on DVD.
Hoping teen gets well before tomorrow.
Hope preteen isn't sick tomorrow.
Hope preschooler isn't sick today.
Hope ancient guinea pig continues to defy the odds and survive.

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