Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Miracle of the Internet

This morning as I signed on to my computer, I googled myself (do you Google, too?) and discovered to my delight that the interview on KBOO yesterday at 9am was posted on the Just Out blog site--so if you'd like to hear Ed Goldberg of KBOO talking with me about The Brides of March, just click below!

This is especially delightful because my wife didn't hear it--working hard as ever--and I missed parts of it as I took our little man in to preschool (he was a mite confused about why there was mention of his family on the radio as I drove him in). So I'll be hearing it for the first time, too. And rediscovering, as I did yesterday in the parts I heard, that I sound EXACTLY like my Aunt Miranda.

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