Friday, February 22, 2008

BuddyG, My Two Moms and Me, Part 2

BuddyG lives in Nebraska, or so my five-year-old tells me. While my wife and I were on a first-time-in-three-years weekend away and Grandma was in charge, he discovered the BuddyG, My Two Moms and Me DVD that had arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. At the time, our son was engulfed in new DVD copies of Scooby Doo episodes, so he had no time for any other characters in his world. But while Grandma was in charge it was all TV, all the time, and I guess even he got tired of Scooby Doo after a twelve-hour binge.

So he pulled out BuddyG. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, BuddyG is the first of its kind, entertainment about a kid with two moms, for kids, in which having two moms is NO BIG DEAL. And apparently, very entertaining. Our son was so excited about showing it to my wife and me when we arrived home from Laguna Niguel, that we were dragged into the playroom and introduced to the delights of BuddyG, his computer Socrates and the fact that Ciao was a greeting (yes, we knew this already, but we elicited great wonder for our third born). Furthermore, the post-episode music video appealed to his sense of the absurd and he's been talking about how they shoot bulls in Nebraska for the last week and announced that he wants to take his stuffed animal Abu to Nebraska because they invented Kool-Aid there. Who knew?

As a kid who recently announced to another kid that he has "Zero fathers" (he's autistic and therefore VERY accurate), our son finds BuddyG a welcome addition to the pantheon of characters that make up his media world.

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