Friday, April 25, 2008

A Day of Silence

Today is National "Day of Silence,", a student protest to end the harrassment of glbt people, and our sixteen year-old son is participating for the second year. He has cards made up that he's carrying with him, one explaining the protest, one "no", one "yes" and one, for when he's harrassed by fellow students and jibed about just trying to get out of participating in class, "I have lesbian parents."

Makes a mother proud.


Mo said...

Very cool! A lot of my students participated in this and I was very proud of them. I know it would even be better if I talked about being gay myself, but I'm still not very open about it with my students.

Heather said...

I Simply wanted to applaud your 16 year old for his show of support on the Day of Silence. He's obviously a very brave young man!

Amy said...

This made me tear-up. I can only hope our older children will choose to do something similar. Another mother is very proud of him!