Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's is Arriving Swiftly

I am a big fan of New Year's Eve. Surprising since when our older son asked what people do on New Year's I answered, "Drink too much and make bad choices." Not that I've done anything of the kind myself for about 22 years, but I've seen off enough years on a bizarre note (dropped 2 hits of acid and fought off unwanted advances one year, showed up on my ex-boyfriend's doorstep in pink plastic pumps during an ice storm another, hopped in bed with a married woman another...), so imparted this particular experiental wisdom. He laughed as usual.

However, I love new beginnings. I like New Year's resolutions, new diets, fresh day planners, pristine year-at-a-glance calendars, and an opportunity to start afresh. Sure, it's still the old me really, but I can pretend and sometimes some better choices stick.

Tonight, no one will drink too much (unless it is apple cider) at our house, and the bad choices will be wrong moves on Wii Fit or Rock Band II, or on the movie pick we watch with the older two after the little guy has gone happily to bed. Tomorrow I will get to work afresh, probably tidy up my office, and work on an article and a painting due soon. It will be a new year and I can be a new woman if I want to.

Hear me roar.

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