Monday, January 19, 2009

Oregon Book Awards Author Tour + Alone Time

Tomorrow night at 7pm I will kickoff the Oregon Book Awards Author Tour at the Eugene Public Library, followed by K.B. Dixon, Jill Kelly and Linda Zuckerman. The event is hosted by Susan Denning of Literary Arts. Tell your Eugene friends and relatives to come on down and listen and enjoy. Each of us will read for about fifteen minutes, followed by a question and answer session and book signing. Books will be on sale at the library--remember that The Brides of March is a "same-sex memoir you can bring home to mother", so urge a copy on your pals and let the debate continue in homes across Oregon (the Multnomah County Library invested in a dozen copies, so they are readily available there, too, check them out!).

For more info on the reading in Eugene, click on:

The following night we will be reading in North Bend, so let your friends and relatives in North Bend and Coos Bay know too.

Meaning that I will be meandering in my flower-power minivan for almost three days without the fam', an unheard of amount of alone time. I plan on sleeping, reading like a crazy woman and pondering the fate of my protagonists in my latest book. I may eat irresponsibly, too.

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