Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nanowrimo Solo

Sounds like someone in Star Wars. But it actually describes my writer state this month. I am, as last year, attempting to write a novel in a month, part of National Novel Writing Month, which has thousands of participants annually.

But I don't know any.

Last year--when I technically "won" because I finished a 50,000 word+ manuscript--I started out with two Nano buddies. It was encouraging. I had someone to go to the kick-off party with and talk plotting in the days before November. But this year nada.

Which is sort of okay, since while I like the rationale of National Novel Writing Month, and the idea that there are possibly hundreds of thousands of nuts like me typing away on laptops, caffeinated to hell, I'm not really into it for the social aspect. I just need an excuse to put writing a novel first, instead of paying assignments.

As like last year, I'm behind. Having surgery on Nov. 3rd has definitely slowed my progress on the unnamed werewolf YA I'm working on, but I am nearing 8,000 words, so it isn't a haiku. I have no intention of stopping anywhere near 50,000 words on my novel, but if I'm there by Dec. 1st, what a good start!

This is my sixth novel, I think, if I complete a first draft. None published yet. But last year's is in the editing stage and I'm not going to let this one go after stage one, I'm sure of it, even if surgery, stomach flu and Santa Claus strikes.

I mean werewolves! Gotta love that.

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