Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There's Magic in the Air

So that's a quote from a The Lion King song, but I'm not talking about lion love. I'm talking Magic.

We have a magical member of the bird family that orbits the neighborhood, an albino crow. No one I know who's seen it has seen one before. There are albino mixes as well. I wonder how often this happens. I look upon it as a good omen. Most albino wild animals die young.

But the magic I get the biggest kick out of is what I call "The Witch's House."

Every day during my four-mile walk up and down the Alameda Ridge, I pass the witch's house. Now, I don't actually know that a bona fide witch lives there. Could be a warlock, a Wiccan, a charming eccentric or someone who wants to keep the neighbors guessing. I call it the witch's house because:

1.  There is a witch weather vane on the roof
2.  There is a replica of Stonehenge in the front yard
3.  There is a gypsy caravan in the driveway
4.  There is some sort of Celtic spiral decoration on the house
5.  It is fully fenced with cast iron to keep out the faeries and pixies
6.  There is some sort of circle of what look like rocks with a heavy iron content in the front yard. Again, the faeries and pixie problem.
7.  I want there to be a witch living out of the closet on Alameda Ridge 

Myself, I'd like a crow weathervane, a "beware of dragons" sign, and a cedar fence. I don't need the miniature Stonehenge, I had one built on my front steps the day after Halloween one year, oh, twenty-eight years ago. Those suckers are heavy to move. I'm covered in Celtic spirals. And I think the pixies and faeries won't come near us with the size of our dog.

But I like the spirit of the witch's house. Walking by every day I wonder about it, happy there's a magical mystery on my daily neighborhood tour.

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