Thursday, October 07, 2010

Perfect Chemistry
West Side Story by Simone Elkeles

Usually I prefer my Romeo and Juliet, opposites attract stories to involve interspecies dating, as opposed to human-only romance. Give me werewolves and humans, or pixies and shapeshifters, over rich and poor, black and white, wrong and right sides of the tracks. But I found an exception.

Simone Elkeles writes a darned good love story. I stumbled upon Rules of Attraction at my local library. I'd seen the cover while cruising through all the latest Young Adult novels as they entered the market. I grabbed it, and it hung out on my nightstand while I read about fallen angels and demons and other great stuff like that.

But eventually it rose to the top. I couldn't stop reading. And then it was over. So when I ran out of books on audible for my daily walks, I downloaded Elkeles other book, the first in the Perfect Chemistry books, simply titled Perfect Chemistry. It was even better than the first one. And I found myself doing chores and avoiding human interaction so that I could listen to the story of Alex and Britney as they blundered their way into true love.

Definitely sexy. Definitely a good story with some substance. Lots of chemistry. Thumbs up.

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