Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And then the teenager said, "I hope we have an ice storm"

OK, so he wasn't the only kid I heard yesterday utter those words, and he wasn't the only kid to whom I replied, "NO! Don't wish for that, ice storms kill people. Wish for snow, but never ice storms."
Maybe I was a little harsh, but ice storms are scary things. Beautiful, magical, unimaginably perfect in the way every blade of grass is coated in ice, but deadly for those few who are driving in the wrong spot, sitting under the wrong frozen limb, or meet up with a downed power line.
The kids may get their wish though, tomorrow. I hope it is short.
Ice storm trivia--the first time I met up with a Portland ice storm I was nineteen, and had spontaneously taken a Greyhound bus from Seattle to visit an ex for New Years, wearing pink polyvinyl pumps. I stepped off the bus into a wonderland, and proceeded to take a city bus, and then walk down an icy hill in those pathetic pink polyvinyl pumps. Surprisingly, they afforded good traction, because I used them like spikes, driving the heels into the slick surface, thus reaching my destination without injury.
Yes, my feet were cold, but I was nineteen, what did I care?

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