Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

OK, the weather outside isn't frightful, but it is softly snowing on this Tuesday morning, which is rare in Portland, Oregon, and the kids will be disappointed it is too little to stop school.
While I'm sympathetic regarding Snow Days (and Snow Day is a great movie, by the way) because every child should have some and we get them less often than a Leap Year, I was not excited about having more people home today.
There have been lots of young people home lately. One child sick for a week, then home for the week of Thanksgiving, and then home sick yesterday, after an aborted effort to attend (pushed by parents). The other was home after noon yesterday, and may, at this, moment be snuffling in his room preparing to shuffle around the rest of the day in pajamas.
Why did I not have an adequate immune system to pass along? They get everything!
However, 3/4 Christmas shopping done, and three days left to accomplish the last 1/4. I'm in the holiday mood, and sing carols at my keyboard as I hit the online stores. How else to shop when there is a talkative witness to everything I do during his waking hours? Computers are bliss.

On the laptop: eHow to Decorate a Christmas Tree With Kids
On the easel: Tangerine, the kitty
On the art desk: our daughter's photographs for the da Vinci auction
On the nightstand: Circles of Confusion, by April Henry
On tape: The China Governess, still
On my mind: Snow, Christmas shopping, sensory integration, mystery novels, suing the nation for emotional damages from being denied legal marriage and getting annulled against my will

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