Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Live--on Crackers

At the end of Monday's visit to the allergist (to explore allergies in the role of our small son's spirited behavior, morning cough and daily "glowing green headaches"), he said to me--not even looking at the Tootsie Roll Pop in our child's mouth that I had used to lure him onto the scale--and said, "Well, he's super hyperactive, you need to take him off all carbohydrates and sugars."

Coming from another doctor, I might have laughed it off, considered his advice a crock, and went about my merry way. But while it sounds judgmental and opinionated, I actually trust this doc, and he wasn't looking mad, or sad, or in judgment, he just gave his advice, and want to help. He and his nurse David were calm, patient and respected our son's intelligence, so he in return was responsive, fairly calm, interested and able to hold a conversation. Our kids appreciate it when grown-ups respect their intelligence, all three of them; equally, they disdain being condescended to, and will not cooperate with insulting adults. Can't blame them.

So I related this news to the spouse, and faced my cupboard. Frankly, the kid has lived on crackers for the last year, and I have lived off carbohydrates my whole life. The doctor and nurse's assurance that there were plenty of options on a protein and vegetable diet seemed distant and unreal as I looked at the boxes of cereals, crackers, pasta and rice.

Yesterday was Day One--I did let him have a cookie at the grocery store (he'd just fallen on his face and almost broken his nose on the grocery cart, so I thought I should give him some slack), but otherwise he dined on chicken, milk, broccoli, cucumber and carrots.

Wish me luck on Day Two, and a LOT of luck on Thanksgiving!

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