Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Day One

This morning is my first session with my light therapy lamp. Since I spend about an hour at my desk each morning writing, it seemed like the right spot for the lamp I bought with my Christmas mad money (thanks Mum!). I look forward to its miraculous benefits and increased well-being.
Fingers crossed.
According to Anne Mini, I should shortly attract all the members of my family, including pets, to my desk when the light is on. Should be interesting. Not sure how I'll write that way...
Thinking seriously about starting my mystery next month.
Trying new experiments with oil pastels, results to be determined.
Youngest began potting training yesterday--so far, so good.

On the laptop: How to rationalize getting a shelter dog
On the easel: Azul, Fergus and Severus
On the art table: therapy lamp instructions
On the nightstand: Circles of Confusion by April Henry
On my mind: Lots! Details later.

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