Monday, February 12, 2007


The decision has been made, now the work begins. Just choosing a publisher is being hell. You want to choose wisely, or suffer the fate of that guy who drank from the wrong chalice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It wasn't pretty. Then there's hoping I won't get sued, worrying that I'll alienate everyone and other emotional issues which could hold up the book indefinitely.

But as the neon pink post-it on my laptop reads "Dilettante or professional?"

So I will persevere.

On the laptop: how to get a bad boyfriend
On the easel: the two Azuls
On the art desk: scene cards from The Sexy Mother
On the night stand: The Body in the Library
On tape: Farrier's Lane
On my mind: iUniverse vs Booksurge vs Infinity, having to take/choose an author photo, editing the text again, dealing with fear of success, fear of failure

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