Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Housebound with Children

OK, so we're not quite quarantined, just disabled a bit by illness and the awareness that we are walking miasmas of cold germs, and therefore should avoid other people.

Naturally, my spouse left this morning, Valentine's Day, and I am sick, our daughter has a fever, our younger son is still getting over his cold and only the elder son is having any kind of a good day, but we'll see how he's doing after school. Knowing us, he'll have chicken pox. Not that my wife is immune, she has the cold also, and had to endure flight this morning with a stuffed up head.

I continue to study print-on-demand options, waffle on providers and restack my pile of publishing guides, manuscripts and copious notes. Painting has abruptly ended--not surprising because so has any free time, with the onset of sick people and an absent spouse. But we will survive, and I will be at the easel again soon.

Looking forward to spring, sunshine and fewer germs.

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