Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Raining It's Pouring

Spring in Portland is a drenching downpour resulting in overflowing greenery by June, major hacking by July, and another run through with the machete come September. Everything grows, so who can argue with a little rain?

Life keeps getting in the way of creativity. But working on my pre-publication to-do list keeps me in a semblance of productivity, between carpool trips, coughing kids, grocery carts and episodes of Scooby Doo on DVD.

During the recent 3rd anniversary of The Brides of March, we played the newlywed game, and my wife and I stank. Failed miserably, so clearly we need to spend more time together. But one of the questions was: What is your spouse's secret indulgence? My wife offered "peppermint patties & Diet Coke", while I confessed to Twinkies. I realized later at home that In Style Magazine would come under this list, as well as Scooby Doo episodes, cruising the Oregon Humane Society website and the September Vogue.

My only currently desired indulgence is time.

On the laptop: designing
On the easel: Noodles
On the art table: copies of The Brides of March to mail for advance blurbs and review
On the nighstand: The Secret Four
On tape: The Skull Beneath the Skin by P.D. James
On my mind: the dog and me getting white hairs simultaneously, the four year-old maturing nicely, the colors for a partial kitchen remodel, spring break

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