Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Maggots Before Breakfast

And other unusual adventures in La La Land.
How's that for a book title?
Next one all funny fluff, no angst. Maybe. Possibly. Alright, just a little angst. I can't help myself.
Will there be a second epilogue for The Brides of March? Will the Brides be civilly united, if not married? Crossing my fingers, wishing on a star, reviving my odd optimism.
Next on the agenda: painting dogs long overdue.
Surviving the latest period of single parenthood as my spouse leaves town and sick kids start popping up like daisies after a rainstorm.
Delving into the pile of paperback old favorites I bought yesterday while tootling around town.

On the laptop: How to de-slut your daughter
On the easel: Noodles
On the art table: narrative non-fiction titles to study book blurbs, advertising copy and cover art
On the nightstand: Cat Among the Pigeons
On tape: Farrier's Lane
On my mind: My book, my kids, my dog who is sprouting gray hairs almost faster than me, my lack of time, my urge to drive to Vancouver Island for the summer and spend it in exile

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