Thursday, March 08, 2007

Son of a Bitch or Mother of a Geek?

Last weekend I had unexpected BIG FUN as a mom. I went to my first High School Science Fair, ever, to see our son's project win an Honorable Mention for the Trebuchet he's been working on for weeks with his fellow team mates, which can, apparently, heave a mayonnaise jar a hefty distance given the chance.

Naturally he's been enthusiastic about this project, what teenage boy isn't excited about shooting things across a room?

What surprised me was how much fun I had being there, really. Not only am I sure that I've met the girl who will grow up to cure AIDS (wow, was her project cool, how to cure staph bacteria with elderberries), and sat next to a woman whose son won multiple awards and will go on the international level (she was pleased as punch and very humble about her offspring), but it was such fun to be a mother of a geek.

Parental pay day. Wahoo.

87 days and counting to The Brides of March: Memoir of a Same-Sex Marriage.

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