Thursday, March 22, 2007

Where Did All the Goddesses Go?

Back when I was a baby dyke in pink polyvinyl pumps, women older than thirty were Goddesses to me. They had wisdom, experience, enough money to buy clothes that were new rather than used, and maybe matched. They had jobs, vehicles, steady girlfriends with whom they bought homes and Golden Retrievers (or five cats in assorted hues).

Long past baby dyke stage, and into my forties, I wonder where the Goddesses have gone. Are they cruising with Olivia? Playing professional golf? Leading large companies? Lesbians in their thirties these days seem to be bringing home the turkey bacon, frying it up in a pan, pushing strollers and/or defying gender, decidedly non-Goddess behavior, but excellent activities.

On television, Goddesses abound. Lesbians are hot, fit, well-dressed and adequately employed. They tip big, have good posture (for the most part, shame on you Shane), and shop I know not where.

Reality seems vastly different, as I suppose it should. Television is supposed to be fantasy, right?

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