Monday, April 30, 2007

Actually it was out Friday

Amazon is surprisingly quick on the draw when it comes to posting newly published books, Barnes & Noble's Web site doesn't have it yet, and they are part of the same company as my publisher. Strange...

Amazon is cool. Even my mother was impressed, and she's hard to impress.

There are other things going on in life besides becoming a newly published author; we went to The Fair in the Grove on Saturday and revelled with the Society for Creative Anachronism, an astoundly diverse group dressed in medieval and Renaissance garb, usually armed with swords. The kids loved it. I felt my pagan blood quickening. I almost felt like a college girl again, with less energy and dependents.

Then there were the eHows: How to Believe in Ghosts, How to Silence a Room, How to Avoid Human Contact, How to Seem Superficial, How to Pontificate, that I got to create as a freelance writer.

More on that topic later... the wife has arrived.

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