Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And in the midst of a book launch...

We ponder whether it is the right thing to pull our daughter from middle school and homeschool her as we did her brother, during 7th and 8th grade. She is currently thinking this is a good idea, and has always sort of wanted to, but has recently found her voice and an impassioned willingness to complain about the evil thing that is the American middle school. Coincidentally, during our visit to the Society for Creative Anachronism Fair in the Grove, she has developed an interest in witchcraft, so we are joking that she hasn't been in school lately because she's been too busy studying magic and becoming a witch.

Well I remember my own witch phase, from eight through eighteen maybe, though the height of it was fourth grade through seventh, so she's right on time. I consider it an empowering pursuit and have no intention of squashing her spiritual impulses and her more traditional mother is just happy she's happy and it doesn't involve anything you have to plug in, reboot, or install more memory to use.

Her little brother is remarkably astute about what is going on around the home. He seems to realize there is something about a book in the mail, his sister making magic, and that her friends are saying mean things about her at school. As his verbal skills improve, we realize just how much he's been listening to every little word. Which is why I suggested to our verbose girl that she quell some of her high spirits about spells, incantations and lucky potions, or our four year-old will be scaring the other preschoolers with tales of magic this fall, who simply won't understand about white witches, wiccans, and green magic, even if our little boy does.

Isn't life amazing?

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