Monday, April 23, 2007

Wouldn't it be ironic?

If my book about getting married, feted, voted against, and annulled by Supreme Court decision in Multnomah County came out the day that Domestic Partnerships passed in Oregon, giving same-sex partners the same STATE rights as opposite-sex married partners (while lacking those 1400 federally supplied rights, responsibilities, and privileges), under a more socially palatable title.

If it (the book) becomes "live" shortly, as my project manager at iUniverse says should be the case (in fact, she says it should have been published two days ago), then it is possible. The debate and vote should come Wednesday and the Governor is dying to sign it into law. Both book and legal equality could be declared existent on the same day, though there are months before January 1st, when the law would come into effect.

Who wants to bet that conservatives get enough signatures to bring it to the November ballot? I do. And I don't. I wish that they'd be content that we get this moniker as couples that makes us sound like roommates who pass in the night, with barely a relationship at all, much less a lifelong committment to love, honor, and if not obey, then listen to during arguments.

But more on this tirade later, got to chase a rebellious child bent on breaking every rule.

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