Thursday, July 19, 2007

Portland is for Writers

Some think of Portland, Oregon, as a small city, but really it is a large small town. Everywhere you go, there you are, and so is Bob from down the block, Betty you went to college with and Barbara who drives carpool for your kids. I went to college here in 1981 for one year (Lewis & Clark College), yet I've run into people I dormed with and who actually recognize me after twenty-six years and three pregnancies.

So it shouldn't have been surprising when, at the wedding of two delightful friends, to see Kathy Belge , who was then in the process of reading and reviewing my book. After all, if Portland is a small town, lesbian Portland is a smaller one. Why shouldn't she be there? But it certainly made me feel nervous about meeting her again, knowing that she held the fate of my literary offspring in the fingers of her manly hands (she's "Dipstick" of Lipstick & Dipstick in Curve magazine).

Well the wait is over, the review is up, and if I run into her again I can breathe easy and let out my gut, knowing it won't influence the outcome. To read the review, go to The last sentence of her review may be right--but I hope not.

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