Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Are You Insane?

It's what I wanted to say, but I held back, merely commenting that she was "living on the edge" and "engaging in risky behavior." I mean, what on earth did our youngest son's teacher think, moving the students' desks into a different configuration without warning us first?

Lest you think I'm mad instead of the divine Ms. H (entirely possible), this is a class of eleven students with high functioning autism--flexibility is not their strong suit, and rigidity is our own son's middle name.

For months I've had the words "autism is funny, except when it's not" on a post-it note on my desk, ready for the moment when I want to write about one of the many humorous/tragic/bittersweet moments that crop up when you have a kid on the spectrum. But there hasn't been one that I've been ready to write about lately, so I'll use it on his teacher's momentary flirtation with disaster.

Ms. H was optimistic; she knew she was "living on the edge" and was able to make jokes about it, and admittedly, there were no rabid outbursts while I was in the room, so she may be right and me wrong about the danger of changing the classroom environment without prepping the students for months beforehand. I know that at home, changing the environment is something done with care and calculation--my old game of "move the furniture whenever the wife is out of town" is a thing of the past.

When I pick up the little guy this afternoon, I look forward to seeing how the teachers look--will they look war torn and battle fatigued, or bright and cheery after a rewarding day? Either way, it will have been another lesson in flexibility for the kids, and I'm glad they're doing the risking, not me.


Mo said...

So how did things go? We didn't hear about this one (my son is in your son's class), but I do know that it was a tiring week at home. I know there were at least 2 other transitions that we did hear about this week, not to mention being back to school after 3 weeks off. That is one adorable picture.

BerengariaD said...

They went okay, I was surprised. But the weekend was horrific, so perhaps that was the fallout. Thanks. Your guy is so sweet.