Tuesday, January 06, 2009

This notice was in the Daily Bulletin at our Son's High School

"DANCE Codes of Conduct: Tickets must match your ID card (bring ID card). No hats, chains etc. Sexually explicit dancing is strictly prohibited and if guidelines are ignored, Grant is in jeopardy of losing all dances! No one will dance “sandwiched” between two or more people. No dancing bent-over at the waist if partner is dancing behind you. No excessive displays of affection. Students must remain respectful at all times to staff, chaperones and one another-No disruptive, disrespectful, or rowdy behavior. No profane or abusive language. If you are under the influence of drugs of alcohol, your parents will be contacted immediately to take you home. Students asked to leave for any reason are banned from all dances."

I'd heard about "freak dancing" before, when a teenage friend had described the dance she'd been to as "an orgy on the dance floor" and people "having sex with their clothes on". Now I have it in official language. Fascinating, understandable and icky, all at the same time. I have no opposition to "sexy" dancing (and I'd be a heck of a hypocrit if I did), because it takes some skill, but "sex" dancing is just imitation and kind of pathetic. If you want to hear where the heart of the romantic teenage girl is, it isn't freak dancing, it is waltzing with Edward in Twilight, where the most intimate it gets (in the first book anyway) is a kiss. Yet damned erotic all the same.

Again, nothing wrong with pole dancing in the right arena, but not at a high school dance.

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Susan Turner Educational Services said...

you forgot the part about "no chains."
what is this, the gym dance from West Side Story?