Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My wife and I have been on a fitness kick since September. Not that, compared to many, it is much of a kick, maybe more of a soft tap, but it is better than nothing. I've been walking up and downhill about two miles most days (on both doctor's and therapist's orders!) and trying to keep my chocolate cake indulgences to a minimum, and my wife has been walking, biking and joined a gym. She's also changing her diet, but being far more scientific than I am about the process.

It's partly my fault (or to my credit?) that she's taking this analytical attitude toward food and exercise, because I passed along a book to her by Eric Heiden, M.D., Massimo Testa, M.D., and DeAnne Musolf titled Faster Better Stronger. The subtitle, "Two doctors who train world-class athletes reveal the tricks of the trade for the rest of us", sounds a little intimidating, but based on the MANY conversations we've had about the information sandwiched between the pages during our two-mile hike through the Alameda neighborhood, it is excellent info for everyday bums like us, as well as serious athletes.

I'm so non-athletically inclined that my wife had to explain who Eric Heiden was, and she learned about Massimo Testa, and passed along that info, but I knew DeAnne Musolf, because she edited the heck out of my prose at award-winning And Baby magazine,, and eHow, and has written about exercise and the outdoors for over seventeen years. From everything my wife has expounded on during our walks, Faster Better Stronger is proving an invaluable guide to combining nutrition and exercise for maximum athletic and health benefits, without suggesting scary solutions or options no real person can use. Good advice by experts who actually know. As soon as she releases it from her grasp, it's mine.

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R said...

That's awesome you have been with it since September... I would just like to be able to stick with things for more than a couple months!! :)