Tuesday, October 06, 2009


One of the annoying things I'm told by parents of "typical" (read, non-special needs) kids or other well-meaning adults is that "you'll treasure every good moment and take no smile for granted." While it is less annoying than, "won't he grow out of it?" it is still something I don't want to hear after I've been kicked in the shins ten times and faced a flood of tears based on misinterpretation of innocent words from a teacher.

But it is also sometimes true.

Today was one of those days. Actually, there have been a string of them, maybe ten whole days when the smiles were blooming like rays of sun reaching over a cloud. Picking him up from school today I was greeted by a smiling boy, a boy who has been accepting compliments instead of twisting them into bad things, a boy who has made proud statements about his own abilities and even said nice things about his classmates.

Okay, he's a little stingy on the last one. Peers are not his strong suit. But any positive is a good positive.

Summer was hell. Is fall going to be heaven? My heart bursts with happiness and hope when his eyes light up and his teeth show in a spontaneous grin, instead of the usual awkward grimace he hauls out when he's supposed to be happy, he thinks, an approximation of what a smile should look like, maybe.

Tomorrow I could get kicked in the shin, but tonight, I'm smiling too.

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