Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Boy's Blog

Our older son is a man of science. I think he's earned the term "man" at this point, especially in terms of his experience with all things scientific. And now he's decided to join the Blog nation and share his experiments and discoveries with the world.

A proud mommy moment.

I'm not sure where this will take him. What his Ultimate Plan will be. I'm just the mother. I'm supposed to be semi-in the dark, or at least clueless. But for where one youth is taking applied science, check it out:
And okay I helped write his bio. I'm proud of him. How many moms can say their son is "known variously as a king among geeks, a cult leader, a dungeon-master, Mr. Switzerland (for his mediation skills), a maker of chain mail, and one of those rare individuals who enjoyed high school while eschewing social norms" and "the kind of guy you want in the pickup in the event of a zombie apocalypse."

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