Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Love Audible

I am a reading addict. Anyone can tell this because if I'm not reading, picking something up from the library, listening to a book on tape, disc or mp3, I have this lost look on my face. Enough about that.

I love my listening device. It took me about a year to use it after my wife gave it to me for Christmas about three, four years ago. I am afraid of new technology. But then I discovered free audible books from the library and doing chores or taking brisk walks has never been the same. Folding laundry is time well spent.

My spouse, bless her technologically-friendly heart, also likes to have choices about her listening pleasure, so she opened an Audible account. Which meant that the other day, I was able to instantly (as in about twenty minutes total process) get three new paranormal books to listen to, and one of them turned out to be about werewolves!

And pixies. And werebears. And were-eagles. And a half-pixie heroine. And gold pixie dust. I'm loving it.

And that I was able to download the sequel just a day or two ago. Why did I never hear about Carrie Jones before? So this one is for you Michelle, Aidan's mom: The first book is Need, the second is Captivate, and I just discovered that there will be a third in December. Woo hoo.    

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