Monday, November 29, 2010

Holy Cow, I Wrote Another Novel

So, a whole month went by, and I didn't post a thing. Good heavens--that's what I get for trying to write a novel in November, along with thousands of others all over the world, during a month with a birthday, a major holiday, and six official days off from school (plus four sick days). I guess it's a miracle I bought groceries, much less kept up on my blog.

But I'm back from Tofino--the setting of my novel, the third in the Island of Wolves trilogy--and ready to get domestic and put novels on the back burner to simmer for the month of December, possibly the second-most difficult month to write in during the school year (forget July and August, they're a total loss in terms of literary output).

Now I get to be domestic, stage another major holiday, clean out the closets, rake the leaves, make sure to fit in any medical and dental appointments before the new year, and consider getting some exercise after two busy months of noveling. Daily walk, what daily walk?

The nice thing is, as soon as I verified my word count and became a Nanowrimo Winner, I got an idea for two more scenes in my novel, and the way to wind up a subplot that began in Book One. I'll be jotting these down because while the book is a mere 50,000 words now, it must be 100,000 when complete. Which shouldn't be hard since I only tackled the A Plot and a little B in this version, there's the rest of B, all of C and even the D Plot to be woven in.

Noveling is fun.

And so is taking care of my neglected life, neglected wife and those pesky kids. That's what's next. I hope all my Nanowrimo Buddies are completing now or looking forward to trying again next year, maybe both. 

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