Monday, December 06, 2010

Comedic Timing

It struck me last night that once again my spouse was going to be away from home, and that perhaps I should be preparing for this. Stocking up on orange juice, seltzer water, Twinkies and ice cream. Things you need when you're at home sick. Thank heavens for instant Netflix or we'd really be in trouble when flu season hits.

But then I said aloud--my mistake--"maybe we won't get sick this time" and from behind me I hear--deadpan--"We will." My daughter chiming in with perfect comic timing. And unerring accuracy.

She woke up feeling awful, and the little guy saw that and started complaining about this and that and I just kept nipping at his heels until he was out the door, in the booster seat and we were on our way. I'm taking my chance on getting the phone call from school, but it seemed better than fifty/fifty when we walked in, so it was worth the risk.

I'm thinking the daughter is still sleeping... and it is after noon.

It was about this time last month that we were all struck down, and about a month before that, so there is certainly a precedence set not only on illness striking while my spouse is away, but upon the first week of any given school month. The small kid's missed nine days so far this year. Sigh.

But I love the humor in it, coming out of our daughter's mouth like a Vin Diesel one liner: "We will." I don't love that she was right. And we may have to keep my spouse at home for the rest of the school year.    

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