Thursday, January 06, 2011

Entice (Need)

Chances are, you're not reading this for the book recommendations

I can't help myself anyway. I know, it's been a month, shit has happened, good stuff galore, holidays, anniversaries, lots of food and scads of stop-motion animated holiday specials. There are things to riff on intelligently, or maybe just amusingly, or to hear myself speak.

But in the meantime, I have to tell you about this book, Entice, the third in the Need series by Carrie Jones. I just finished it on audible and I can't wait for book four. Werewolves, pixies, Norse gods--what's not to like? The heroine becomes a hero, good characters die, there are prom dresses. So, if supernatural Young Adult is your thing, this is the series for you.  

While I'm at it, the last Vampire Academy book rocked, the latest Morganville Vampires was sweet, and I've got the sequel to Beautiful Creatures sitting on my desk next to me. Once I get back to writing my novels, I have to give up the YA habit, so I'm stuffing myself with sequels while I can.   

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