Monday, March 05, 2007

Is February Over Yet?

How the late winter has flown... um, well, sunk would be a better description. Maybe ploughed over, buried us, you get the picture.

Surprisingly, it has not been illness that has taken every spare moment of the day, it is productivity and single parenthood. My spouse has been traveling far more than usual, which means more driving for me than usual, and, oh, no relief which has its own issues.

However, we've been having a merry time. Our youngest has learned how to check stuff out on the Internet without assistance--and he just turned four. Our daughter has purchased her first dress for a school dance, and it was a mother/daughter bonding experience, rather than a memory that will land her in therapy years from now. Our oldest is rowing again, which is grand, because it is good to have balance in life, and the combination of a six-pack abdomen and a passion for duct tape is the essence of balance.

Painting has taken a back seat, sadly, but there is hope yet, after a mind-boggling spell of book editing, including a rare weekend away, in which I holed myself up for a writing marathon, only stopping to eat and sleep, and not much of the latter. I stayed up until 4 o'clock in the morning on Saturday/Sunday, so that shows just how inspired I am about the project--The Brides of March, because generally sleep is gold.

There should be a book in 90 days or less. Join the countdown.

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